Looted limestone artefact recovered by police


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On Tuesday, the Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Police succeeded in recovering an ancient Egyptian limestone relief which had been reported missing during the chaos that followed the January 25 Revolution. 

Geese relief of Itet tomb in Meidum [Credit: Ahram Online]

The relief, which was discovered by the Czech archaeological mission in Abusir, was one metre tall and 60 centimetres wide. It depicted four walking geese with a hieroglyphic text. 

Atef Abul Dahab, head of the ancient Egyptian department at the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), told Ahram Online that the relief was one amongst those that were looted from the Abusir storage, following the lack of security after the events in January. 

An archaeological mission from the Council has inspected the recovered relief and approved its authenticity. It is now at a police station and will be transferred tomorrow to the Council’s lab for restoration. It may then be put on special display at the Egyptian museum. 

Author: Nevine El-Aref | Source: Ahram Online [October 11, 2011]



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