Locals busted digging up temple under house in Giza


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Seven residents of a Giza district have been arrested after they illegally excavated the area beneath their home and found the remains of an ancient Egyptian temple.

Locals busted digging up temple under house in Giza

The huge limestone blocks, engraved with hieroglyphic texts, date from the reign of the New Kingdom’s King Tuthmose III, and were found in the Hod Zeleikha area of Al-Badrasheen district.

The find was made two weeks ago, according to Major General Momtaz Fathi, an aide to the interior ministry and a director in the tourism police.

A unit from the tourism and antiquities police heard of the illegal excavation work and arrested the seven men – two of whom are Palestinian, Fathi said.

The police also found diving costumes, oxygen cylinders and diving masks with the detainees.

Author: Nevine El-Aref | Source: Ahram Online [October 29, 2014]




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