Lebanon dig yields lead plate used to invoke spirits of the dead


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An excavation team from Kyoto University working in Lebanon has found a lead plate believed to date from between the second and fourth centuries that was apparently used to invoke the spirits of the dead.

From another world: A team from Kyoto University unearthed this ancient lead plate in Lebanon. KYOTO UNIVERSITY/KYODO PHOTO The 6-cm-wide, 14.7-cm-long plate, discovered near the entrance of an underground grave, is adorned with ancient Greek text.

The text reads “May the unjust be removed from them” and “May signs of a gag and shame, and disgrace be given to them,” along with the names of four people, the team said Tuesday.

Hiroshima University associate professor Hiroshi Maeno said, “Common people in a weak position may have made a wish for the supernatural to accomplish what they were unable to.”

Source: The Japan Times [December 09, 2010]



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