Late Bronze Age settlement discovered in western Slovakia


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The remains of a prehistoric settlement were found in the village of Radošovce in western Slovakia during an archaeological research.

Late Bronze Age settlement discovered in western Slovakia
Credit: Monuments Board SR

The north locality of the cadastre of the village has proper conditions for settlement, good accessibility to water and a view of the surrounding country, informed Peter Grznár from the Regional Monuments Board (KPÚ) of Trnava.

Archaeologists succeeded in finding 11 pits, in which many materials were found. These were mainly settlement, mining and storage holes used by prehistoric people to store corn. In addition, a hole for the extraction of clay was found.

Late Bronze Age settlement discovered in western Slovakia
Credit: Monuments Board SR

“Our ancestors could use clay for the production of vessels, small objects and constructing house walls,” said Grznár, as quoted by the TASR newswire.

Mainly ceramics were found during the research, as well as a clay spindle whorls and weights used in a weaving loom. The most precious finding was a Bronze pin.

Late Bronze Age settlement discovered in western Slovakia
Credit: Monuments Board SR

Archaeologists estimate that the objects originate from the late Bronze Age, more specifically the Velatic culture from 1250 to 1000 BC.

These inhabitants, for whom it was typical to build barrows, settled several known localities in Slovakia, such as Ducové, Pohanská and Devín.

Source: The Slovak Spectator [December 18, 2020]

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