Large Roman-era site found in Lazio’s Accumoli


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A vast archaeological site dating back to Roman times was identified during surveys conducted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (Mibact) in Accumoli, the municipality of Reatino, epicentre of the 2016 earthquake.

Large Roman-era site found in Lazio's Accumoli
Credit: Roma Daily News

The discovery took place during construction works of the Salaria-Area Sae di Palazzo link road.

“Currently,” said the mayor of Accumoli Stefano Petrucci, “the excavations have been conducted in a section of land of about 2000 square metres close to the old Salaria road, but the site covers a much larger area. We want to procure funds in order to reveal other finds that, as confirmed by Mibact officials, are located in the neighbouring land in order to enhance the area and promote it to tourists.”

The area where the finds were found, now guarded by the Carabinieri, is located near the Customs Palace, demolished by the earthquake, and on the old boundary with the Piceni family. During the initial excavations, walls, water pipes and an open-air cistern with mosaics emerged.

Source: Il Messaggero [June 26, 2018]



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