Lakshmi Narayana idol found at Iddar in Canacona


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A 2ft tall idol of Lakshmi Narayana has been found at Iddar, about 1 km from Poinguinim market. The idol is finely carved and features a shankha, chakra and gada. It was found buried in mud and covered with weeds.

Bronze representing Vishnu and Lakshmi seated on a lotus capitals base. Vishnu holds in his hands two of the chakras, discs symbolizing the sun. While experts of the state museum or the Archaeological Society of India (ASI) are yet to study the idol, local elders opine that it is at least 200 years old.

Local resident Damodar Prabhudessai, 85, claimed the idol was brought to Iddar by another local resident, the late Bala Anant Bhat.

Pointing out to the famous mutt of Shree Venkatesh which is about 500 m from Iddar, Prabhudessai claimed that Bhat wished for a similar mutt to be built on his own property.

However, he died while work on the mutt was still on, and his family never completed the structure. It subsequently deteriorated with age, though the idol remained within, claimed Prabhudessai.

With one Bala Chari later buying the land and having it cleaned, the idol was found.

Residents of Poingunim have expressed the desire to build a temple of Shri Lakshmi Narayana at the place.

Source: The Times of India [December 10, 2010]



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