Kythnos: Priceless archaeological treasures remain in storage


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Scores of rare ancient artefacts, such as gold and silver jewellery and pottery have been found in the Vryokastro area on the Aegean island of Kythnos, however everything remains stored in boxes, since there is no archaeological museum on the island.

Kythnos: Priceless archaeological treasures remain in storage
Aerial view of the Archaic temple of Apollo on Kythnos 
[Credit: Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian]

The ancient artefacts were discovered by professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Thessaly Alexandros Mazarakis-Ainian in an archaic temple dedicated to Apollo dating back to the 6th and 7th century BC.

As such, a local association has been campaigning to convert the island’s old mayor office into an archaeological museum, in order to house the 1,500 items that have been uncovered on the Cycladic island.

The association is hoping to secure funding from the 2016-2020 NSRF – about one million euros is required – and donations, so that the archaeological treasures may be permanently displayed on Kythnos, rather than being transferred elsewhere.

Source: To Vima [July 09, 2016]



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