‘King Arthur’ chapel near Glastonbury uncovered


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Remains of a medieval building which, according to legend, King Arthur visited, have been uncovered for the first time in almost 50 years. Excavations at Beckery Chapel near Glastonbury aim to accurately date buildings of an early Christian chapel.

'King Arthur' chapel near Glastonbury uncovered
Remains of the chapel were last uncovered in 1968 
[Credit: South West Heritage Trust]

During an open day on Sunday visitors will be able to see remains which were last excavated in 1967-1968. The trenches will then be filled in and the position of the chapel will be marked on the ground in the field.

Archaeologist, Dr Richard Brunning, from the South West Heritage Trust, said: “Previous excavations in the 1960s suggested that a Saxon monastery may have been present on the site before it became a chapel. The present research aims to get new scientific dating samples to precisely date the monastic cemetery for the first time.”

'King Arthur' chapel near Glastonbury uncovered
King Arthur is said to have seen a vision of Mary Magdalene and the baby Jesus at the chapel 
[Credit: South West Heritage Trust]

The chapel is connected to legendary visits by King Arthur, who is said to have seen a vision of Mary Magdalene and the baby Jesus there.

The Irish saint Bridget also reputedly visited it in AD 488 and left some possessions at the site, which later became a place of pilgrimage.

Source: BBC News Website [May 22, 2016]



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