Italy returns more than 30 artefacts to Peru


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Thirty-seven archaeological artefacts originating from Peru were handed over to the Peruvian ambassador in Italy, Cesar Castillo. The items come from the Moche, Chancay, Nazca, Pativilca, Vicus and Wari, reports La Républica. 

Italy returns more than 30 archaeological pieces to Peru [Credit: La Républica]

The pieces were found at a market in the town of Biella during a control carried out by an Italian police organization designed to protect cultural heritage. Relatives of the deceased owner gave police in Italy a list of the confiscated items, which helped them to track them down. The police, along with Peru’s diplomatic corps in Rome, confirmed the authenticity of the artefacts. 

According to statements by Italian commander Pasquale Muggeo, the Peruvian artefacts were seized in the region of Piedmont in August 2010 and, with hard work and high technology skills, they have been identified as Peruvian relics. The so-called “guardian angels” of world cultural heritage have also found more than 150 archaeological pieces from other Latin American countries like Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico. 

Castillo welcomed the return and has highlighted the high professionalism of the police to control traffic in cultural goods, making it possible for valuable objects to return to their countries of origin. According to Castillo, the artefacts will be sent to Peru as soon as possible. 

Source: Living in Peru [May 12, 2011]



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