Italy earthquake damages 293 cultural heritage assets


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The earthquake that devastated central Italy also caused severe damage to a number of cultural heritage assets, reported Italian authorities.

Italy earthquake damages 293 cultural heritage assets
The Chiesa di Sant Agostino in Amatrice after the earthquake [Credit: AGI]

“The first picture we’ve drawn is complicated: there are 293 properties of cultural value in the area most impacted by the quake. They’re all damaged or destroyed,” said Italy’s Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT), Dario Franceschini.

“The first census, carried out in the immediate aftermath by the Carabinieri’s cultural heritage protection unit, found that 50 sites were destroyed or heavily damaged,” said Minister Franceschini. Next Sunday the proceeds from state museums will be entirely destined to earthquake relief, he announced.

“All state museum proceeds collected on Sunday, August 28, will be devolved to the territories struck by the quake,” Minister Franceschini affirmed, inviting all Italians to “visit museums to show their solidarity with the populations affected by last night’s earthquake.”

Thanks to the extraordinary measure – in addition to those ordinarily provided for and further provisions that the Italian government will adopt – the MIBACT will utilise the proceeds from state museums and archeological sites to repair the damaged cultural heritage assets.

Source: AGI [August 25, 2016]



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