Iron Age human remains uncovered in the Cotswolds


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Human remains dating from the Iron Age have been found during archaeological excavations in Gloucestershire.

Iron Age human remains uncovered in the Cotswolds
The remains are thought to date from the Iron Age [Credit: BBC]

The skeleton was found at a nature reserve on the outskirts of Bourton-on-the-Water near Salmonsbury Camp, an ancient hill fort.

The work also revealed what is thought to be a roundhouse and a series of pits that may have been used to store grain.

Tom Beasley-Suffolk, Cotswolds reserves manager, said the remains will be cleaned and then analysed.

“It has been fascinating to see what were slightly dark areas of ground being excavated to reveal pot and human remains that probably last saw the light of day 2,500 years ago,” he added.

Source: BBC News Website [April 29, 2014]



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