‘Iran & Armenia: Memory of the Land’ at the National Museum of Iran


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An exhibition of over 100 ancient artifacts from Armenia named Iran & Armenia: Memory of the Land, opened October 17 at the National Museum in Tehran. Relics on display date back to prehistoric times, from the 4th millennium BC to the first century BC.

  Credit: National Museum of Iran

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Ali Asghar Mounesan, Mehr News Agency reported.

Mounesan told the ceremony that the three-month show is yet another indication of the deep-rooted and ancient connection between communities. “Emphasis on this connection can and must promote peace and friendship between nations,” he said.

Based on the archaeological findings that date back 5,000 years, Iran and Armenia have enjoyed close cultural ties for a long time, Mounesan said, noting that the era between Bronze and Iron ages (3400-1300 BC) was among the periods when the two countries had particularly close interaction.

  Credit: National Museum of Iran
Credit: National Museum of Iran

The latest joint exhibit has a special focus on artifacts that are a clue to the civilization of Urartu, an Iron Age kingdom that flourished around Lake Van in eastern Anatolia. The first joint chapter of history between Iran and Armenia is said to have taken place in Urartu.

Also attending the ceremony was Armenia’s Minister of Culture Armen Amirian. He said the exhibit is the product of a memorandum signed between his ministry and Iran’s ICHHTO.

“Just as this exhibition became a reality, I’m certain that the other items agreed in the memorandum will also be realized soon,” Amirian said.

On Tuesday Amirian conferred with his Iranian counterpart Abbas Salehi. The two men discussed prospects to further expand art and cultural relations. Salehi stressed two-way collaboration in cinema, music and theater and Amirian proposed holding joint cinematic productions and symphonic operas.

Iran & Armenia: Memory of the Land will run through January 17. The National Museum is located at the intersection of Imam Khomeini and 30-Tir streets.

Source: Financial Tribune [October 17, 2017]



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