Inside the world of dinosaurs


British actor and Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry has narrated an in-depth and iPad-only virtual encyclopaedia called Inside the World of Dinosaurs. 

In the works for more than a year, 30 dinosaur specialists collaborated on the application, with 60 dinosaurs detailed, 200 pages of original text, 84 videos, and, perhaps most enjoyably for many, 5 hours of narration by Mr Fry. 

Whether you are a paleontologist, a school student, or a fan of Jurassic Park or BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs, this comprehensive and magical, virtual A to Z of dinosaurs encyclopaedia will enthrall everyone of all ages! 

M5859 Studios has released of one of the most exciting and content-rich apps in the world of interactive publishing. Inside the World of Dinosaurs is a comprehensive and fully-interactive digital dinosaur encyclopedia that utilises all the multimedia capabilities of the iPad to engage users of all ages. Featuring the A to Z of dinosaurs – from Archeopteryx to Zuniceratops, the app contains a library of 60 fully animated and interactive dinosaurs. 

Every dinosaur or object can be spun around in 3D motion, allowing you to closely study the details such as skin texture and colour. Breathtaking fight sequences can be viewed from any angle. Dinosaurs come alive with real sound and animation. Some dinosaurs can be scrubbed backwards and forwards, so their walk cycle can be analysed in detail. 

The app’s creation has been a collaboration of some of the best minds in science, literature and digital art. Over 30 specialists in their respective field, with 12 months of intense collaboration has yielded an app that will define the future of dinosaur reference, all in one single download.
Feature highlights 

  • 310 fully interactive 3D models in total 
  • 60 expertly modelled, photo-realistic dinosaurs 
  • 40 fully interactive 3D recreations of dinosaurs in mid-fight 
  • 200 pages worth of well-researched original text 
  • Five hours of magical narration by Stephen Fry 
  • 84 videos and historical pictures 
  • 60 original dinosaur sounds 
  • 5 interactive 3D walking dinosaurs 
  • 15 pages of famous dinosaur hunters 
  • 22 pages of thoroughly researched articles on prehistoric life 

Source: The Times of Malta [January 30, 2012]