Incredible Crete 2013


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The Region of Crete’s advertising campaign, Incredible Crete 2013,  continues with new exciting spots. Millions of views open the road for Crete to become a natural movie studio.

Incredible Crete 2013

The tourist campaign began in May 2013 with the incredible hospitality and history and the projection of spots for Crete on big TV channels  abroad. It then continued with the international innovation, Creative Crete, that took place at the Heraklion International Airport and ends with the production of four new spots.

Endless beauties (incredible beaches), Cretan diet (incredible flavors) and the island’s lifestyle, along with the incredible memories that every visitor takes with him are described in these new spots which bear the signature of the well-known director, Thodoris Papadoulakis.

Official Crete Region Promotional Video 2013; Directed by Theo
Papadoulakis, IndigoView Productions

The Region of Crete created a video of high standards promoting Crete as a natural movie studio for films and productions under the title Crete: See for yourself. This short film starring the well-known actor Nikos Orfanos, is about making a tour around the word on the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Governor of the Region of Crete, Stavros Arnaoutakis, stated: “We are proud of the artistic result and of the fruitful cooperation. It’s up to us to continue producing high level culture for Greece and the world. Our culture, combined with our nature, people and new technology are methodically developed, and are, here on our island, our comparative advantages.

We follow a concrete strategy to promote them in excellent cooperation with all the institutions involved. On behalf of the Region of Crete, I thank all those who contributed to this demanding effort that lasted many months and be sure that our efforts continue even more intensively. ”

Author: Maria Korologou | Source: Greek Reporter [July 24, 2013]



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