Hunting tools reveal how first people in Denmark lived


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A Danish town says archaeologists have found some 13,000-year-old hunting tools that give “a fantastic insight” into how some of the first people in Denmark lived.

Hunting tools reveal how first people in Denmark lived
13,000 years old flint tools, well-preserved reindeer antlers and the remains of other fauna were 
discovered the construction of a new ring road [Credit: Horsens Museum]

The municipality of Horsens says in a statement that flint tools, reindeer antlers, “well-preserved flora and fauna relics” and a pike skeleton were found in connection with the construction of a bypass road south of the town some 170 kilometers (106 miles) west of Copenhagen.

Hunting tools reveal how first people in Denmark lived
The finds come from what archaeologists call the Brömme culture, an Early Neolithic people 
who lived as reindeer hunters [Credit: Horsens Museum]

Horsens Museum spokeswoman Lone Seeberg said Friday the items, described as “some of the earliest traces of human beings in Denmark,” were found in an ice age lake in December.

Source: Associated Press [February 10, 2017]



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