Hellenistic priest bust unearthed in ancient Laodikeia


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A late Hellenistic bust of a priest was found in the works carried out in the Western Theatre in the ancient city of Laodikeia in Western Turkey.

Hellenistic priest bust unearthed in ancient Laodikeia
Credit: AA

“There was an eight-metre embankment next to the fortification wall extending west from the stage building of the theatre and was built at the beginning of the fifth century. We encountered a stunning statue of a priest during the removal of the filling, which was the waste of buildings destroyed by earthquakes,” said Dr. Celal Simsek, who heads the Laodikeia Excavation.

Hellenistic priest bust unearthed in ancient Laodikeia
Credit: AA

Stating that the person depicted in the statue may be a priest of the Temple of Zeus, the chief god of the city, Simsek added. “It is among the most beautiful finds of 2020 in terms of its age, profession, and especially being a very vibrant portrait, which we can date to the late Hellenistic period,” he added.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [November 30, 2020]

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