Hellenistic burial chamber unearthed in northern Turkey


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A 2,300-year-old Hellenistic burial chamber has been unearthed at a construction site in the northern Turkish province of Samsun.

Hellenistic burial chamber unearthed in northern Turkey
The 2,300 year old stone built tomb was discovered in the ancient Pontian city of Amisos {Credit: AA]

The sepulchre was discovered during a landscaping and excavations conducted by the Canik Municipality and the Samsun Archaeology and Ethnography Museum as part of the “July 15 Martyrs Hill” Project.

The chamber is situated on a grade 3 archaeological site area in the neighbourhood of Toptepe.

The burial chamber, the walls of which showcase solid masonry work with natural stone blocks, has a 12 metre-long corridor, also called ‘dromos’. The arched corridor has a height of about 2.8 metres and a width of 2.5 metres.

Hellenistic burial chamber unearthed in northern Turkey
Archaeologists working in the tomb [Credit: AA]

Canik Mayor Osman Genç said in a statement that Samsun was home to many other historical artefacts as it was a city prominent in trade in ancient times. “This discovery will make the [July 15 Martyrs’ Hill] Project even more meaningful. This is the only place where the whole of Samsun can be seen,” he added.

Samsun (aka Amisos) was settled between the years of 760–750 BC by Milesians who helped the city flourish thanks to trade with the ancient peoples of Anatolia.

Source: Daily Sabah [August 30, 2016]



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