Harappan-era skeletons found in Haryana


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Four human skeletons, believed to be 5,000 years old, have been found by archaeologists from the site of Harappan civilisation at Rakhi Garhi village near here.

The skeletons have been unearthed in India’s Haryana state 
[Credit: Manoj Dhaka]

Archaeologists of Haryana Archaeology Department in collaboration with Seoul National University, South Korea and Deccan College, Pune recently found four human skeletons at the site.

Prof. Nilesh Yadav, co-director of the project, said this is the first time that skeletons have been recovered during the excavation in the village, which is 60 km from here in Hisar district. The excavation in the village started in 2012.

These skeletons are of two men, one woman and a child.

South Korean scientists will examine the DNA obtained from the skeletons
[Credit: Manoj Dhaka]

The height of the skeletons of the men is five feet and six inches and both were aged about 50 years while the height of the skeleton of the woman is five feet and four inches and was aged around 30 years.

The child’s age was believed to be around 10 years. These skeletons will be sent to laboratory for DNA test, Yadav said.

Besides pottery with grains of food, bangles, toys, mini wheels and sling balls of different sizes have also been recovered from the excavation site.

Archaeologists say the skeletons have been ‘well preserved’ 
[Credit: Manoj Dhaka]

Archaeologists also recovered a seal which has some tiger-like figure inscribed on it. They believe that it was used in trade or for some other purposes. Tools which could have been used for fishing and hunting purposes have also been recovered.

The excavation work was spread over an area of 50 acres and the archaeologists are still working on three mounds numbering 4, 6 and 7.

Source: The Times of India [April 15, 2015]



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