Greek police bust man for antiquities trafficking


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A 47-year-old man was arrested on Monday in Giannitsa, northern Greece, on suspicion of illegally possessing antiquities.

Greek police bust man for antiquities trafficking
The marble stelae found in rural area of Giannitsa
[Credit: Kathimerini]

The unnamed suspect was caught after allegedly trying to sell 11 pieces of Roman-era funerary steles.

The head of the Thessaloniki Security Police, Nikos Zisimopoulos, said that the antiquities, whose value is not known, were hidden in the countryside.

“We estimate they are from the 2nd or 3rd century AD,” added the officer, who said the suspect claimed he was storing the relics in order to hand them over to authorities.

Greek police bust man for antiquities trafficking
Greek police bust man for antiquities trafficking
Some of the antiquities found in the possession of the 69 year old from Kavala 
[Credit: Greek Police]

Earlier this month a 69-year-old man was arrested in Neo Xeria, in Kavala northern Greece, for being in possession of illegal antiquities.

The arrest was made as part of a crackdown on illicit antiquities trading in the area.

According to reports, a police operation at the suspect’s home led to the discovery of a large number of items, including over 715 ancient Greek and Roman coins, 5 vases and an Ottoman manuscript.

Source: Kathimerini [October 19, 2015]



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