Gilded Syriac Bible to undergo carbon test


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A carbon test will be applied to a gilded Bible that was seized last week in Turkey’s northern province of Tokat.

Gilded Syriac Bible to undergo carbon test
The gilded Bible was seized during a police operation 
in northern Tokat [Credit: AA]

The bible, thought to date back around 1,000 years, was found in a police operation targeting a group in Tokat that was illegally selling historical artifacts.

During the operation, a 21×16-centimeter, 10-page gilded Bible was found, written in Syriac and including religious pictures.

The ancient Bible has been delivered to a local museum.

Tokat Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Abdurrahman Akyüz said they would do their best to keep the Bible in the city.

Stating that the Bible is thought to have been written in Anatolia, Akyüz said a carbon test would be applied to the Bible in order to find out its exact date.

“Its value simply cannot be discussed. There is a court process ongoing as the police seized it. During this process it will be kept in our museum, but afterwards I hope it will stay in our city and we will continue to display it in the museum,” he added.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [November 02, 2015]



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