Giant Roman palace unearthed in Upper Egypt


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A huge palace from the Roman ages (31-395 BC) has been discovered in the New Valley Governorate in Upper Egypt, the Ministry of Antiquities announced Monday. 

A view of Kharga Oasis with the Temple of Hibis in the centre and the desert cliffs at the top, all located in the New Valley Governorate region [Credit: Hanne Siegmeier/Wikipedia]

An US expedition in the Amhada region, 500km south of Cairo, unearthed a palace belonging to a person named Sornius, according to a statement by the ministry. 

The ministry said the palace cannot be opened to the public due to erosion, but it said a copy will be constructed for visitors. 

It added that the US team was able to translate the inscriptions found in the palace, which helped elucidate ancient cultural and educational activities in the region. 

The team’s findings suggested that ancient Egyptian farmers might have worked in the region of the oases before coming to the Nile Valley. 

Source: Al Masry Al Youm [June 20, 2011]



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