Fragment of Attic red figure vase with image of Hermes found at Paestum


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A fragment of an Athenian red-figure vase of the fifth century BC, with a representation the Greek god Hermes wearing his winged sandals, has been found by archaeologists at Paestum in southern Italy.

Fragment of Attic red figure vase with image of Hermes found at Paestum
The Attic vase fragment ‘in situ’ [Credit: Parco Archeologico di Paestum]

“It’s just one of several unexpected findings”,  said the director of the Archaeological Park, Gabriel Zuchtriegel.

“The quantity and quality of data from the pre-Roman settlement, dating to the time then great temples were constructed, is quite significant”, explains the director of the excavation campaign which began at the start of November.

Fragment of Attic red figure vase with image of Hermes found at Paestum
A technician cleans the fragment [Credit: Parco Archeologico di Paestum]

The research, funded by the Pastificio Antonio Amato and by the Archaeological Park of Paestum, aims to shed light on daily life and domestic conditions of the Greek colonu during the sixth and fifth centuries BC.

The archaeologists made the discovery while investigating a structure made of worked stone blocks and which is believed to date from the period when the Sybarites founded the settlement of Poseidonia (Paestum).

“I do not deny that finding a nice Attic vase is a moving experience”, says Zuchtriegel. “It certainly confirms the high level of life which the residents of Poseidonia enjoyed, something also discernible from the structure in which the fragment was found, resembling a palace more than a house, built during the same period as the temple of Athena and the Tomb of the Diver.”

Source: Corriere del Mezzogiorno [November 23, 2016]



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