Excavations at Tlos reveal Roman works


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New excavation work in the ancient city of Tlos in Mugla’s Fethiye district has unearthed several ancient sculptures of Roman emperors. 

New excavation work in the ancient city of Tlos in Mugla’s Fethiye district has unearthed several ancient sculptures of Roman emperors [Credit: Hurriyet]

The archaeological team found sculptures of Roman emperors Hadrian; Antonius Pius and his daughter Faistinaminor; Mareus Aurellus as well as the Goddess Issis, according to Taner Korkut, who is leading the dig. 

The excavation, which is being conducted with a 40-person team and 36 workers, has unearthed traces of sculptures and archaeological artifacts dating back 10,500 years. 

Noting that the team made carbon tests on the newly found remains, Korkut said: “A few years before, we discovered archaeological discoveries which dated back 2,700 years. However, the last discoveries are from 10,500 years ago. Those remains also give information about the people’s lives in the ancient era.” 

Tlos was formerly a center of Lycian civilization, Korkut said. 

“In September and October, the team will also make excavations in the center of the ancient city,” said Korkut. 

The remains will be included in Mugla’s geographical information system, allowing everyone to access information about the ancient city, the excavation leader said. 

During the excavations, the team focused on Girmeler Cave, Tavabas? Cave, the center of Tlos, the Acropolis rock tombs, the stadium area, the Kronos Shrine, the city basilica and the theater tower. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [August 18, 2011]



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