Eleventh warship ram recovered in the Egadis


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A bronze warship ram raised from the seafloor in Sicily marks the expansion of the only ancient naval battle site discovered.

Eleventh warship ram recovered in the Egadis
The Egadi 11 Ram [Credit: RPM Nautical Foundation]

The bronze ram was affixed to the bow of an ancient warship that sank in 241 B.C. as part of the final battle between the Romans and Carthaginians during the First Punic War.

This is the eleventh warship ram from this archaeological site, the largest collection of ancient warship rams ever found.

In its tenth season, the project located in the Egadi Islands, Sicily, is a joint research program between the Soprintendenza del Mare-Sicily, and RPM Nautical Foundation.

Dr. Jeffrey Royal, Director of RPM Nautical Foundation, noted “The discoveries this season of the warship rams, cargo items, and helmets worn by the soldiers expanded the scope of the battle site and shows what a massive conflict took place here 2,300 years ago.”

The site is spread over nearly 10 kilometers and at depths of over 80 meters.

At such depths the work is carried out through remotely operated vehicles and sonar systems controlled from a research vessel.

The latest ram recovered adds to the ground-breaking evidence for ancient naval warfare, warship construction, and Roman military organization.

On the significance of the battle Royal states “Not only did this battle end the greatest naval war in the ancient world, but launched the Romans towards their first overseas territories and a path towards empire.”

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Author: Susan Kriegson | Source: RPM Nautical Foundation [August 07, 2014]



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