Early Christian olive press on display in Mytilene’s archaeological museum


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An olive press dating back to the early Christian era, found on the Aegean island of Lesvos, is presented to the public for the first time in Mytilene’s new Archaeological Museum.

Early Christian olive press on display in Mytilene's archaeological museum

The ancient oil mill used to produce olive oil was found during digging to repair the Thermi-Pigi-Lambou Mylon provincial road and has been put on dispaly in the atrium of the island’s new archaeological museum.

The Lesvos antiquities service said the olive press was part of a large farming and craftwork complex linked to the production and exploitation of the island’s produce, such as grains, olive oil and wine, which had been in constant use from the 2nd until the 6th centuries AD.

Source: ANA MPA [July 25, 2016]



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