Digs yield new findings in Hatay and Samsun


Excavations conducted by professional teams in the southern province of Hatay and in the Black Sea province of Samsun have yielded valuable results.

Digs yield new findings in Hatay and Samsun
Trapessac Castle near Kirikhan/Hatay province Turkey [Credit: The Ninth Templar Story]

A rock tomb, thought to date back to the Byzantine period, was found during excavations in Hatay’s K?r?khan district. Bulent Demir, an archaeologist from the Hatay Museum, told the Ihlas news agency that they found a big rock in which tombs are located. “We also found many bones and the body of a woman, but unfortunately it was damaged by earlier illegal excavations,” added Demir.

Digs yield new findings in Hatay and Samsun
View of the Oymaagac tumulus [Credit: Oymaagac Nerik Projekt]

In Samsun’s Vezirkopru district, a team headed by Professor Rainer Maria Czichon from Freie Universitat Berlin finished their excavation at the Oymaagac Tumulus. They cleared off the surface of the mound and charted a topographic map as well as cleaned and analyzed the bones they found during the excavation.

Source: Todays Zaman [October 11, 2012]