Detectorist finds Viking treasure on Danish island


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A Danish amateur archaeologist has made a stunning find on the island of Omø just off the coast of southern Zealand.

Detectorist finds Viking treasure on Danish island
It’s very rare to have found so many Harald Bluetooth coins 
[Credit: Museum Vestsjælland]

The discovery – which consists of rare silver treasure dating back to the Viking era – was made when Robert Hemming Poulsen paid a work trip to Omø to lay fibre optic cables. He brought his metal detector along and hunted for buried treasure after work.

“A treasure like this is found once every 10-15 years,” said Hugo Hvid Sørensen, a curator from Museum Vestsjælland, where the treasure is now on display. “It contains many items and is extremely well kept because it has been buried in sandy earth.”

Shades of Harald Bluetooth

Poulsen made the original find back in September, after which Museum Vestsjælland was authorised by the culture authority Kulturstyrelsen to handle the excavation of the site, which was completed yesterday.

Sørensen contended that the find was important as it will enlighten experts about one of Denmark’s earliest periods.

“It’s very rare to have found so many Harald Blåtand [Harald Bluetooth] coins – one of the earliest coins of that era,” said Sørensen.

Author: Christian W | Source: Copenhagen Online Post [October 28, 2015]



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