Decrypting the enigmatic Phaistos Disk


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The decoding of the Phaistos Disk has puzzled specialists for over a century, however new findings describe the disk as “the first Minoan CD-ROM’ featuring a prayer to a mother. Gareth Owens, Erasmus coordinator at the Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete, speaking at the TEI of Western Macedonia on Monday, said the disk is dedicated to a “mother”.

Decrypting the enigmatic Phaistos Disk
Discovered in 1907 in the Minoan palace of Phaistos in Crete, the disk has been the 
subject of many an interpretation attempt. However, the small total body of text – it consists
 of only 241 signs on both sides, based on 45 individual signs – defies any 
decisive conclusion [Credit: Yves Brise/Flickr]

“The most stable word and value is ‘mother’, and in particular the mother goddess of the Minoan era,” said Dr. Owens. He says there is one complex of signs found in three parts of one side of the disk spelling I-QE-KU-RJA, with I-QE meaning “great lady of importance” while a key word appears to be AKKA, or “pregnant mother,” according to the researcher. One side is devoted to a pregnant woman and the other to a woman giving birth.

The disk was discovered in 1908 at the palace of Phaistos, in the northeastern part of the Aegean Island of Crete.The round clay object, tentatively dated close to 1700 B.C., displays an unknown language on both sides which is carved in a circular fashion, from outside to the centre.

More information is available on the institution’s web site Daidalika.

Source: Protothema [October 21, 2014]


  1. Good effort, but not the final word on the tablet, by all means. The "unknown language" the author of this article refers to is considered to be "Linear A" and it shares characters with Linear B, and both share characters (vowels and consonants with the classical Greek alphabet.

  2. it is possible that minoas fighting against greeze moved away from maditerian Don river takes far form black sea and ob river too was one way to deeper Asia.You can follw this bull based culture at north we have own old road to it too what goes (or cause of the road it comes bakc also here and there isno difference : ) from finnish the coast to far to russia cant say where there it ends or did it just change to raindrear culture. I suggest that they moved to north after destruction, no so many skeletons found that they all would be dead. AKKA pronoused by anceint cyprus? Or is it just related to AKKA and ukko

  3. every godmother or godness is called AKKA at finnish uralic cultures no exeption even tuomi is manalan akka tounen akka ja tuonen neito
    and that culture is from russia, not from Mediterranean. if you delete tihis you approved aprovalman modestingnaator give information to schoolar of yours befor deleting anything from database, you loose infomation if you dont take comment seriously



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