Cypriot treasures exhibited in the Cycladic Art Museum, Athens


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The unique “treasures” from the land of Cyprus – every artifact comes from the great collection of Thanos Zintilis –  are of significant historical value for the Mediterranean island. The public of Athens is now about to welcome them in the reconstructed third floor of the Cycladic Art Museum where they will be exhibited. The organizers of the exhibition consider it to be an international breakthrough. 

Bull-shaped rhyton [Credit: © N.P. Goulandris Foundation – Museum of Cycladic Art., Th.N. Zintilis Collection, no. 397]

The exhibition of the collected artifacts is like nothing the public has ever seen before. It is said to be the second biggest and richest when it comes to the quantity and the uniqueness of the exhibits. The Metropolitan Museum of New York and even Cypriot museums have never organized such a vast exhibition for Cyprus, according to the Cycladic Art Museum’s officials. The collector loaned half of the 1,400 pieces of his collection to the Greek museum for 25 years. 

Modern display cases and lower lights, touch screens showing various descriptions and historical information, applications that allow the visitors to write down their names in the Cypriot-Minoan scripture, interactive tables where 6 people can simultaneously play with ships travelling in the Mediterranean Sea and “bomb” their enemies, are some of the various innovations of the exhibitions. 

The visitors will have the opportunity to admire antiquities ranging from 4000 B.C. until 1400 A.D., from the well-known, singular Zintilis figurine of 3,900 B.C. to the seven plank-shaped figurines aged at 1,900 B.C. that are unique in the world and are believed to have been tomb marks or votives. Impressive vessels and various artifacts from everyday life activities, perfume pots and valuable jewels are among the antiquities that the public will discover. 

Author: Areti Kotseli | Source: Greek Reporter [March 15, 2012]



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