Construction works uncover Hellenistic tombs in Bodrum


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Salvage excavations have started in the western Turkish province of Muğla’s Bodrum district after ancient tombs were unearthed during drilling works in a construction area. The tombs are believed to  be part of the necropolis of Halicarnassus.

Construction works uncover Hellenistic tombs in Bodrum
Hellenistic era tombs belonging to the necropolis of Halicarnassus were 
unearthed during construction work in Bodrum [Credit: AA]

Ten tombs of different types from the Hellenistic era were found last month. While the excavations focused on these tombs and skeletons in the vicinity, five more tombs were unearthed in another area 80 meters away.

The salvage excavations were initiated by Bodrum Castle and Underwater Archaeology Museum officials, with the number of tombs increasing to eight.

The skeletons are now being examined by anthropologists, and works have begun to display them at the museum.

Officials expect more tombs to be unearthed as works continue and say the artifacts inside the tombs show that the area was the necropolis of Halicarnassus.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [April 21, 2015]



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