Cleaning works in Miletus reveal sculptures, artefacts


During cleaning works of an inn in the ancient Greek city of Miletus in what is today Turkey’s Aydin province, have revealed terracotta figures of fingers as well as sculptures. The artefacts suggest that the inn served as a holy site in ancient times.

Cleaning works in Miletus reveal sculptures, artefacts
The sculptures were found in a one meter-deep
well in the inn [Credit: Hurriyet]

According to information provided by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, the excavations are headed by Associate Professor Philipp Niewohner. The finger figures are similar to the ones found in Corinth and southern Italy and such cult objects were presented to gods and goddesses with the recovery of those who had fallen ill in mind.

The sculptures were also found in a one metre-deep rectangle-shaped well. It is speculated that someone hid the sculptures in the inn’s well during the period when emperor Theodosius I forbade such cults.

Among the artefacts found in the well were oil lamps dating back to 4th and 5th centuries and roof tile pieces. It shows that the inn ceased serving as a holy site from this century. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [September 27, 2013]