China: Silk road temple undergoes renovation


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A conservation project on a temple dating to 634 AD along China’s famed ‘silk road’ known as the Daming Palace has become a model for preservation and urban renovation at the same time, according to the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

DamingPalace--400x300“The protection and utilisation of the palace site, has a far-reaching significance on the ‘Silk Road’ …(and has) created a world model for site protection. What’s more, it promotes a new model of urban development,” said Javier Solana, expert for ICOMOS.

The Tang Dynasty monument, is considered the ‘pinnace of palace architecture in China,’ and became part of a local and national government initiative to “preserve while developing” the site.

International archaeologists from ICOMOS have been monitoring the restoration of the neglected temple, located in a run-down area of the ancient city of Xi’an in China’s central Shaanxi province.

The project aims to salvage the city’s archaeological area, which has been illegally built on in recent years. It is also upgrading delapidated and deprived residential parts of the area.

The site is one of 12 archaeological areas that have earned China’s ‘National Archaeological Park” title.

The site renovation is the result of a 2007 meeting in Xi’an when authorities agreed to follow the principles of “efficiently reserving…ancient culture while serving society.”

The Daming Palace National Heritage Park opened in October, 2010.

Source: adnkronos [January 20, 2011]




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