Chapel walls, ditch and metalworking debris found at Whitby Abbey


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Archaeologists working at Whitby Abbey, the Benedictine ruins in North Yorkshire which have produced carved stones and the remains of an Anglian cemetery during 20 years of excavations, are preparing to reveal their latest findings from the site as they approach the end of a second week of investigations.

Chapel walls, ditch and metalworking debris found at Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey was established in 657AD [Credit: Radovan Bahna]

Two disconnected walls of a chapel and a ditch from the mid-Saxon period have been discovered so far by English Heritage experts, who expect to date and document the artefacts during the final week before refilling the trenches.

Metalworking debris is also thought to have been found. Tweeting from the Abbey, medieval and post-medieval expert Brian Kerr reported a “knackered but happy” team, adding that previous markers, left by archaeologists during excavations in 1999 and 2000, had helped the project.

Author: Ben Miller | Source: Culture24 [March 28, 2014]



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