Byzantine stone relief found in central Turkey


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A stone artefact discovered in Turkey’s central Konya province last month was identified as a relief of Biblical figure Daniel.

Byzantine stone relief found in central Turkey
Credit: AA

The artefact – unearthed during the construction of a house in Konya’s Doğanhisar district in November – is currently on display in Akşehir Museum, where it has attracted great attention due to its rarity.

Ilker Mete Mimiroğlu, an arts professor at Konya’s Necmettin Erbakan University, said that the “important and rare” relief dates back to fifth century AD.

“The figure includes a cross motif in the form of a ship’s anchor. Perhaps it relates to fishing in the district,” he said.

Mimiroğlu said the Daniel stone is from the same era as a rare gravestone depicting the story of the Prophet Jonah being swallowed by the giant fish, which is now on display in the Konya Archaeology Museum in Beyşehir.

He said the Jonah stone is “one of the most important artefacts of that period,” adding that these artefacts are “especially important for the Christian world.”

Source: Daily Sabah [December 14, 2018]



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