Byzantine church found in Tunisia’s Tozeur


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A Byzantine church dating from the late Roman era (5th – 7th century) was found in the Castilia archaeological site between Tozeur and Degach cities (Tozeur governorate) as part of the latest archaeological excavations conducted by the National Heritage Institute (French: INP) since February 2 till February 24.

Byzantine church found in Tunisia's Tozeur
Credit: INP

According to the initial reports, this discovery presented by a search team led by INP representative Mourad Chtioui in Tozeur governorate and Expert in Urban Archaeology Bassem Ben Saad, the architecture of the church is mainly made of a main entrance, two secondary entrances, two extensions and a circular monument. The church covers an area of 140m2 with an average height of 3.5, 3.7 meters.

Byzantine church found in Tunisia's Tozeur
Credit: TAP

In addition to the church’s columns, ceramic and pottery objects and oil lamps have also been found near the church, Chtioui told TAP. The discovery of this monument further affirms the historic value of the Djerid region and the presence of the Christian religion in Tunisia’s different regions, especially in the south, he pointed out.

Byzantine church found in Tunisia's Tozeur
Credit: TAP

INP Researcher Larbi Sghaier Larbi said for his part that these excavations had also revealed the presence of other walls near the church extending to the nearest oasis of the archaeological site.

These walls may be the remains of dwellings or buildings which functions and roles will be unveiled by the ongoing excavations, he indicated.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse [February 20, 2018]



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