Byzantine church discovered in northern Turkey


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Archaeologists have discovered a 1,500-year-old church in Turkey’s northern Sinop (Greek Sinope) province, the excavation lead told reporters.

Byzantine church discovered in northern Turkey
Credit: AA

The discovery was made during excavations which were launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The lead archaeologist Professor Gulgun Koroglu from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University told the Anadolu Agency that the structure they found was used as a church in the late 6th century.

Byzantine church discovered in northern Turkey
Credit: AA

“We have reached the southern wall of the church and found various tombs under it,” Professor Koroglu said, adding that the church had also been used for burials. Koroglu noted that the church was used until the 11th century.

Byzantine church discovered in northern Turkey
Credit: AA

Archaeologists expect to make other historical findings near the area, the professor said, adding that they have reached over 1,000 tombs so far.

Source: Daily Sabah [August 09, 2019]



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