Christian burials discovered on Black Sea island


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The excavations that have been ongoing on Giresun Island of the Black Sea city of Giresun since 2011 have so far unearthed 124 human skeletons.

Burials discovered on Black Sea island
Human remains and ancient coins were found on the island this year [Credit: Hurriyet]

The excavations were initiated by the Giresun Museum Directorate and Selcuk University’s Archaeology Department in Konya, and recently unearthed 32 graves, in which 72 human skeletons were found, as well as various historic remains.

In last year’s excavations, 52 more human skeletons were found, believed to belong to Orthodox Greeks serving the church. Four coins, a ring and two loom weights were also unearthed in graves during the works.

Speaking about the excavations, Giresun Governor Ali Sahin said Giresun Island, which is the only island in the eastern Black Sea region, was known historically as “Aretias.” He added that it was very important to shed light on history and that comprehensive and detailed archaeological excavations were being carried out across the eastern Black Sea region. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [January 17, 2013]



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