Burial urn of Megalithic era unearthed at Kodumanal


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A huge burial urn dating back to the Megalithic era was unearthed at the excavation site at Kodumanal village in Chennimalai Union, Tamil Nadu, on Wednesday.

Burial urn of Megalithic era unearthed at Kodumanal
The burial urn unearthed at Kodumanal in Erode district
[Credit: The Hindu]

A team led by J. Ranjith, Archaeology Officer and Project Director for the excavation, unearthed the urn which is over 3.1 ft high.

The urn contained pieces of bones, which will be sent to the Madurai Kamaraj University for laboratory analysis. “Only after the analysis, the gender and other details will be known”, said Mr. Ranjith.

R. Sivanandam, Deputy Director of Archaeology and in-charge of Keeladi excavations and K. Rajan, retired Professor, Department of History, Pondicherry University, inspected the urn.

Currently, excavation is being done at two sites, one at the burial area and the other at the industrial area, both located near Noyyal river. Excavation began in May and is scheduled to be completed by September 30.

Source: The Hindu [September 16, 2020]

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