Bronze Age tombs unearthed during car park construction in Switzerland


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Workers digging the foundations for a new car park have unearthed the burial site of a Bronze Age warrior, revealing a rich source of artefacts including a sword, jewellery and other ornaments.

Bronze Age tombs unearthed during car park construction in Switzerland
The burial site of a Bronze Age warrior has revealed yet more treasures [Credit: SBMA – ARIA SA]

The tombs were discovered in Sion, a town in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The artefacts were dated between 850 and 400 BC – a period when the Bronze Age was giving way to the second Iron Age.

A bronze sword with an ivory pommel was discovered among the remains of an adult male, along with numerous other ornaments, including a razor.

Another body, called the ‘Woman with the Torques’, was found with bronze jewellery – four necklaces (or torques), two arm bracelets, an ankle ring, a belt and clothing pins. Also unearthed was a young woman with a necklace consisting of gold discs and bracelets.

The Don Bosco site in Sion had previously uncovered other archaeological treasures, prompting a thorough excavation as the car park was being built.

Source: Swissinfo [August 11, 2017]




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