Armenian shepherd finds ancient Greek treasure


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A shepherd stumbled upon a pit containing 112 objects made of precious metals – gold, silver and bronze – in the Kalbajar region of Nagorno Karabakh.  

He subsequently sent photos of the treasure trove to a friend in Yerevan asking him to show them to specialists.  

His friend promptly addressed the law enforcement bodies in Yerevan who then summoned the shepherd to hand over the treasure. 

According to experts, the objects in question date to ancient Greek times and likely belong to a burial that contained at least two women.  

Conservative estimates place the overall value of the treasure at about $21.5m. 

The finds have since become the centrepiece of an exhibition currently held at the Yerevan historical museum.  

According to museum’s director Aneldi Grigoryan, the artefacts will be examined by specialists to assess not only their historical and monetary value but also to determine the best means of preservation.  

“These treasures are of significant historical value,” said Grigoryan, “which is why they must be held in the National Historical Museum of Armenia.” 

The head of the Karabakh Tourism Department, Sergey Shahverdyan, told the Armenian Culture Ministry that the treasures must be returned to Nagorno Karabakh. 

Meanwhile the shepherd who found the treasure is unhappy with the 4m drams (just under $11,000) he received in compensation, complaining that is too low compared to what the treasure is actually worth. 

Source: News Az [April 11, 2011]




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