Archaeologists uncover ‘vampire’ burial in Plovdiv


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Archaeologists uncovered a Christian necoropolis with 80 graves during a dig in downtown Plovdiv, according to Bulgarian sources.

Archaeologists uncover 'vampire' burial in Plovdiv

One of the skeletons had a brick in its jaws and a roof tile on its head. “This is a typical European practice between fifteenth – seventeenth centuries and was done to prevent the dead from turning into a vampire,” the leader of the archaeological team Elena Bozhinova said.

All graves in the necropolis were dated in the same period. In many of them the experts found coins, jewels, buttons and other belongings of the deceased.

“In one of the graves we found a purse with 30 silver coins”, Bozhinova said.

Source: Novinite [August 27, 2014]



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