Archaeologists uncover subterranean chamber in Hama, Syria


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An ancient subterranean chamber located among several Archaeological buildings was uncovered by Hama City Council during maintenance work in Bab al-Balad Street.

Syria_Subterranean_ChamberDirector of Hama Department of Archaeology said the chamber is located near Bab al-Balad Mosque and is connected to the buildings around it, speculating that the chamber was used to collect and distribute fresh water to these buildings.

The chamber, carved into the limestone ground, is centered between the shrine of Abu al-Laith al-Samarkandi which dates back to around 983 AD, Zawyet al-Silsleh Mosque and Bab al-Balad Mosque which date back to the Mamluk era, and Khan Salim Hamadi, an inn dating back to the late Ottoman era.

According to head of the Excavations and Archaeological Studies Division Ibrahim Shaddoud, the chamber is the top part of a larger building carved into the limestone.

The other parts of the large building uncovered so far consist of a rectangular chamber measuring 15 by 3.25 meters and an oval chamber with a diameter of more than five meters.

Author: H. Sabbagh | Source: Global Arab Network [January 25, 2011]



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