Archaeological finds from Crossrail digs on show in London


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A skull from Roman London and finds from a suspected Black Death burial ground discovered during Crossrail project digs have gone on show.

Archaeological finds from Crossrail digs on show in London
Pieces have been uncovered from important periods of London’s history [Credit: BBC]

A Roman cremation pot and a flint dating back 9,000 years are also included in the display of 50 items in St Giles High Street.

Archaeological investigations are being carried out at each of the 40 Crossrail worksites.

Portals to the Past at Crossrail Visitor Information Centre runs until 15 March.

Hunting group

A spokesman from the archaeological team said: “Years of research have been carried out to understand the impact that construction will have on the archaeology along the route.

“Not only is Crossrail the most ambitious engineering project in Europe, it is also a catalyst for learning about our past.”

The £14.8bn Crossrail project is due to be completed in 2018 and will link Berkshire to Essex via Heathrow and central London.

Crossrail lead archaeologist Jay Carver said: “We have tracked down evidence for a rare Mesolithic hunting group in the Thames Marshes and made further investigation at the site of London’s greatest Victorian shipbuilding yard.

“One of the things that is so unusual for an archaeology exhibition like this is that the finds are so diverse, from pretty much every important period of London’s history.”

Source: BBC News Website [February 16, 2014]



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