Archaeological excavations underway in Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli


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Archaeological excavations have been carried out in the Sheikh Baba sanctuary in Fuzuli District since early July. 

Sheikh Baba sanctuary is one of the greatest architectural monuments of Azerbaijan. Mausoleum and a dilapidated minaret of the sanctuary have survived to this day, Archaeology and Ethnography Institute at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences said. 

The mausoleum was built in 1373-1374 in honor of Sufi sheikh Ali Baba Yaqub by architect Majiddin. Archaeological excavations are conducted by Fuzuli archaeological expedition at the order of the Culture and Tourism Ministry since early 2011. 

The archaeological excavations that cover an area of 1,100 square meters have unearthed ruins of public buildings of the XIV century and underground tomb in an area of 576 square meters so far. 

Head of the expedition Khagani Almammadov said six stone coffins relating to the XIV century have been found here. Archaeologists have not met this form of burial in Azerbaijan so far. 

These stone coffins have been constructed of special bricks and stones adorned with ornaments. There is no doubt that medieval warriors have been buried there. A skeleton without the skull have been discovered in one of the tombs while skeleton and arrows have been discovered in the other. 

Along with the archaeological excavations, restoration and conservation works are also planned in this area.  

Source: News AZ [August 03, 2011]



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