Antiquities in Athens to become accessible to public


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A small area with antiquities within a private plot with a separate entrance for guests will be created in the Athens district of Makrygianni near the Acropolis, Greece.

Antiquities in Athens to become accessible to public
The antiquities at Makrygianni, Athens [Credit: Greek Reporter]

Finds from the geometric to the late Roman era, have been identified at this point, however, those of the last period are the most preserved and will be maintained.

The Central Archaeological Council gave the green light to the proposal for the development the monument, which is adjacent to the antiquities found a few years ago in the neighboring plot. Finds of a Roman villa from the 2nd century BC, were discovered inside the plot, during an excavation.

Part of the villa, which was destroyed in the second half of the 3rd century AD by the Heruli tribe as well as the adjacent residential sanctuary of Cybele, Mother Goddess of of Mountains and Wild Animals, are today visible and accessible to public.

Author: A. Papapostolou | Source: Greek Reporter [January 02, 2014]



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