Ancient tomb uncovered by villagers in southwest China


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Villagers in Lu County were surprised when they saw numerous carved gravestones while digging their backyard. More than two hundred carved gravestones were uncovered in the ancient grave site, of which the heaviest weighed over eight hundred pounds. The site might have been robbed to some extent, but archaeologists were able to identify its era as dated back to the Song Dynasty based on contents carved on gravestones.

Ancient tomb uncovered by villagers in southwest China

“The grave is well-kept and has a Song wooden architecture style. The grave gate, warriors and floral decorations are real reflections of Song people’s life style. The two sides of the grave are identical, showing that tomb might have been built for a couple, though the identification of the grave’s occupants is difficult given to the fact that the site has been robbed.”

Ancient tomb uncovered by villagers in southwest China

Over 200 gravestones were sent to Lu County Museum. There have been over one hundred and sixty grave excavations in Lu County. Among the excavations, plenty of relics with top-notch craftsmanship are of significant aesthetic value.

Source: People’s Daily Online [December 09, 2016]



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