Ancient inscribed gold plaques found in central Java


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Construction workers have found 22 small gold plaques estimated to date back to the eighth century, in Ringilarik village, Musuk district, Boyolali in Central Java.

Ancient inscribed gold plaques found in central Java
The 22 inscribed gold plaques found in a stone box in Ringinlarik village in Musuk district, Boyolali 
[Credit: JP/Ganug Nugroho Adi]

The workers were digging as part of activities of a water aquifer project when they hit a box made of stone. The stone box was found among rocks piled up after digging.

At the end of July, the structure of a candi (Buddhist or Hindu temple) was also found at the same location.

Sumardi, 42, one of the workers, said the box had a lid and looked like jewellery box.

Gutomo, an official with the Central Java Heritage Conservation Agency (BPCB) confirmed the gold found was 18 carats. Each plaque has an inscription in ancient Javanese letters. The inscriptions are names of cardinal and ordinal directions of Dewa Lokapala’s wind Gods.

“We recorded eight names of wind Gods. We have also declared the location as a heritage site,” Gutomo said.

He said the BPCB would give compensation to those who found the plaques, as well as the landowner.

Throughout 2016, Boyolali has seen three findings. In April, a brick maker found a Mahakala statue and a candi foundation when he was digging in Giriroto village in Ngemplak district.

The statue was estimated to be from the Shiva Hindu period in the ninth century. It was found at a depth of 30 centimeters. In March, at the same location, a Nandeswara statue was found.

At separate places in Nepen village, four stupas were found. One measured 1.5 meters in height with a diameter of 1 meter.

Author: Ganug Nugroho Adi | Source: The Jakarta Post [September 11, 2016]



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