Ancient Greek sanctuary to receive delayed cargo


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A 10-meter column, which was ordered 2,200 years ago for the construction of a temple in one of the three most important oracle centers in antiquity, Klaros, but went down when the cargo ship sank near the Çeşme peninsula, will finally be delivered to its address. 

Ancient Greek sanctuary to receive delayed cargo
The Temple of Apollo at Klaros [Credit: TravelLink]

The column was discovered in 1993 by researcher and writer Cemal Pulak, and removed in 2007 by six archaeologists under the coordination of the U.S-based Underwater Archaeology Institute. Research revealed that the column was carried for the Apollo Temple in Klaros, in İzmir’s Menderes district.

Ancient Greek sanctuary to receive delayed cargo
The ship that sank at Kızılburun was transporting a stone cargo made up of eight massive marble column drums and a roughly-worked capital in the Doric style bound for the Temple of Apollo in Klaros [Credit: Hurriyet]

The head of the excavations in the ancient center, Professor Nurdan Şahin, said that a team from the Texas A&M University had carried out works to determine the place of the column and found out that it was the sixth column of the Apollo Temple in Klaros Oracle Center.

“For the first time in the world, the address of a sunken ship was found. Following the cleaning process, the plan was to display the column in Çeşme Museum but we said that it would be more truthful to display it in its original place, Klaros,” she said. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [August 28, 2013]



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