Ancient Greek relief revealed in İzmir


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A large ancient relief has been revealed during renovation works on the Gediz River delta in İzmir’s Menemen district. The relief has been delivered to the İzmir Archaeology Museum.

Ancient Greek relief revealed in İzmir

The 1.8 meter-long, 1.5 meter-wide, 30 centimeter-thick relief depicts a woman carrying grape and a girl with a tray in her hand.

According to information provided by the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, the relief was discovered in the alluvial deposit of the river. After their suspicions were aroused about the shape of the rock, workers discovered that it was a historical artifact.

Works are ongoing to clean the relief and find out its era. Officials say the area where the relief was discovered is close to the ancient city of Larissa, and the relief could have drifted away in the current of the river.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [December 14, 2014]


  1. The article in Hurriyet doesn't mention a single thing about this artifact being a Greek artifact. This policy the Turks have, not mentioning anything about the Greek cultural heritage of the lands they currently occupy, would make the average Turk think that these artifacts are "Turkish". What a shame.



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