Ancient erotic graffiti found on Greek island


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According to the Greek media, ancient erotic inscriptions dating back to the early 6th and the late 5th centuries B.C., were recently discovered on the island of Astypalea.

Ancient erotic graffiti found on Greek island
Erotic rock-carvings dating to the 6th or 5th centuries BC found on a boulder 
on the Greek island of Astypalea [Credit: Ethnos]

Spirals, shapes of ships, tools in triangular shapes were mostly carved by the Neolithic inhabitants of Astypalea.

One of the first findings of the Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology, Andreas Vlachopoulos, was rock carvings located in Vathi at the Pirgos Peninsula and date back to 4th-3rd millennium B.C.

In 2013, more unexpected findings were discovered, which present an aspect from the ‘private lives’ of the ancient Greek inhabitants in the early 6th and late 5th centuries B.C.

The Secretary General of the Archaeological Society, Vasilios Petrakos, made extensive reference to two erotic inscriptions that were discovered and which depict two phalluses from the right angle.

Source: Ethnos via Greek Reporter [June 04, 2014]



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